This EXTENDED ACCESS option will give you a chance to prolong/or renew your access for whichever webinar/package on our platform for extra 1 month.

You can also find 3 months and 6 months extension on our platform.



All our webinars/packages have automatic access for 1 month.

If you want to extend it for an extra 1 MONTH for your comfort (or to renew it if it expired)  you can do so with our new EXTENDED ACCESS option.


If ordering together with webinar/package, extended access will automatically be applied to chosen webinar/package.

If you already ordered a webinar/package and you want to extend access, when ordering, (after billing details) in the “Additional information” section please provide your previous order number so we can extend access for certain webinar/package with your chosen email address access infos.


EXTENDED ACCESS is valid only for already registered participants for one webinar or package from our platform, and its purpose is to prolong/reopen your access. It is an additional tool, not main registration for any webinar. If you want to register for a certain webinar for the first time, you can find those online webinars in the “courses” section on our platform.


Access can be prolonged for on of the following: functional program,  aesthetical masterclass and occlusal stamp webinar, FULL PACKAGE and ALL YOU CAN WATCH