Occlusal Stamp Technique: Recording (English)


Occlusal stamp technique is a simple and predictable technique which copies natural tooth morphology and transfers it to final composite restoration (occlusal plane) with the purpose of saving clinicians time during modeling phase, adjustment phase and to get better esthetical and functional result.


For stamps, different materials can be chosen (silicone based or resin based). Different approaches and modifications will be described as well as mentioning most common mistakes.

Different clinical tips and tricks will be shown throughout the detailed presentation abundant in clinical images and videos, as well as in vitro simulations and in vitro studies results.

Results of my research showed that not only are we more precise when performing the occlusal stamp technique, which saves our time in later adjustment of occlusion contacts, but we are also faster in the modeling phase as well.

With more than 100 clinical photos and videos, we are going to discuss clinical situations which are suitable for this technique, indications, materials for stamp production, etc., what should be used and when it should be used, clinical tips and mistakes that you don’t want to make, and of course why else would we use it, other than: to be more PRECISE and to REDUCE CHAIRTIME.

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Dr. Geštakovski received his education at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, and perfected the craft by working in Dublin, Ireland, and at his family practice in Zagreb, Croatia.

During his 5+ years of follow-up with this technique, he has implemented innovative modifications to the injectable technique, which have been published in world-class journals.