Injectable Technique


Injectable Technique

(also known as: Flow Injection Technique & Injection Molding Technique)

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Created by David Geštakovski, DMD

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⚡ Last Updated 8/2023

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What our courses include

With the premium content split into online prgrams we are covering all aspects of injectable technique, bot anterior and postrior (aesthetical and functional)

Anterior masterclass: 2 webinars of 4 hours each, this masterclass gives you an opportunity to learn all there is about the composite veneers done with injectable technique.


Functional program: in this 6 hours webinar we discuss functional planing, occlusal design and injectable technique protocol in treating wear cases.

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All participants of the live session will have a 30-day access to the recording.

You will have 30 days to rewatch both webinars as many times as you want to after they finish.

You can also apply for the recording of the previous event, and get access to it TODAY!

You will receive a certificate of continuous education (CE) confirming that you’ve participated in the 8-hour Injectable Technique Masterclass /6-hour Injectable technique Functional program, which means you might qualify credit at your corresponding Dental Chamber/Association.

What makes it special

You can choose between participating in the next live masterclass or watching the previous session’s video on-demand.

With this unique course based on Dr. Geštakovski’s 6+ years of experience, you get to learn all there is about the new, minimally invasive, simple, and predictable technique, and find out how to copy your plan in 3D from the wax-up all the way to the final composite restoration with a transparent silicone index and flowable composite.

Dr. Geštakovski is author of articles on topic of injectable technique published in International Journal of Esthetic Dentistry (IJED) and Quintessence International (QI)

With more than 750 clinical pictures (15 patients), 50 sketches, and 20 clinical videos, you’ll get to see the bigger picture of case selection, planing, intraoral procedure, finishing and polishing, different tips and tricks, various modifications. You’ll learn how to save your time and material, how to be more precise, how to make a polychromatic, more natural-looking restoration – and much more.

15 different cases will be presented with different clinical situations and different approaches with 5+ year follow-ups in the new, updated version of our online masterclass.

This course is designed for all dentists who perform aesthetic dentistry and aim to increase their value, knowledge, and confidence.

What you’ll learn in Anterior Masterclass

Why choose this course



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Dr. David Geštakovski, DMD
Rating: ★★★★★

Dr. Geštakovski received his education at the School of Dental Medicine, University of Zagreb, and perfected the craft by working in Dublin, Ireland, and at his family practice in Zagreb, Croatia.

During his 5+ years of follow-up with this technique, he has implemented innovative modifications to the injectable technique, which have been published in world-class journals.

Read more about Dr. Geštakovski here.

Reviews & student feedback

I highly recommend this brilliantly comprehensive Master Class. All possible aspects and details of this delicate technique were discussed by Dr. Geštakovski. The information he supplies gets rid of the skepticism any dentist would have when it comes to working with the new highly filled flowable composites.

An extraordinary young man, full of knowledge that he is able to present in a phenomenal way. An absolute recommendation for any form of collaboration.

The webinars were very useful, accompanied by photos and videos of his own cases, with an emphasis on our own mistakes through which we all learn. It focuses on clinical tips and tricks and is a good incentive for colleagues to incorporate them into their day-to-day work. Highly recommended!

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