Injectable Technique

Case 3: Replacement of Old Composite Veneers and Interproximal Fillings with Injectable Technique​

This is a case of a patient (dentist) who wanted to replace her old composite veneers with the new one and postpone some kind of fixed prosthetic solution.

She wasn’t happy with the shade nor shape of old composite veneers and wanted to restore only incisors and the old fillings on canines will be replaced in her clinic.

She also wanted a shade brighter teeth so in the first step we removed old composite from the vestibular surfaces to bleach her teeth.

Impression was taken by silicone material and later on wax for mock up was sended from the lab. You can also find mock up photos.

After we checked, everything was fine. I made 2 transparent silicone indexes based on double wax ups and palatal shell putty silicone index.

Since she had big interproximal fillings that needed to be replaced I started with those one.

With the usage of palatal shell index I just rebuilt the dentinal core of a tooth with more opaque AO1 shade from G-aenial Achord, leaving some small space (around 0.5mm) on both mesial, distal, incisal and vestibular aspect of a tooth. This way we will fill some concavities where air could be trapped in the injection phase and to block out grayishness from the back of the oral cavity.

Later on in the injectable phase B1 (G-aenial Universal Injectable) was injected through a transparent silicone index for the final layer and great primary and secondary morphology.

In this simple procedure with usage of only 2 shades (and 2 consistency) we managed to avoid “dead” appearance of future restorations.

The Best thing about injectable technique is that the final result is 99% the same as the wax up and mock up, so the patient already knows what she will look like.

In some cases when a bigger amount of dental tissue is missing I use this combination of layering and injectable technique for best esthetical result with not too complicated protocol, for great esthetical and functional result.

Hope you like the results.

More similar well documented cases you can find on my upcomming webinar or get access to recording of previous sessions.


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